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Dress for Success! 


All students are expected to have a neat, well-groomed appearance. The school reserves the right to reject unsuitable modes of appearance and to remove a student from class if he/she is not dressed appropriately. If a student is dressed inappropriately, his or her parents will be called to school to speak to administration and also asked to bring suitable clothes for their child to wear. During physical education class, all students must wear the school gym uniform.  All gym uniforms can be purchased from the school in the PTA office, Room 130.  

Louis Armstrong Middle School Uniform Policy 

The purpose of the school uniform is to provide a means of identification and belonging to Louis Armstrong Middle School, foster school unity and pride, improve student performance, foster self-esteem, eliminate label competition and simplify dressing and minimize costs to parents. All students must wear their uniform each day of school. The official uniform consists of a collared polo shirt grey, - no graphics on shirts, other than LAMS logo) and navy pants or sweats. No leggings or jeans are permitted. You may wear navy skirt to knees, or navy shorts to knees.  Official school gym uniform may be worn. 




  1. Headgear is not permitted in school, unless for religious observance. Students may not wear hat, hoods, doo-rags, scarves, bandanas or headbands. 
  2. No clothing will be worn advertising alcohol, tobacco, or controlled substances. 
  3. Clothing with writing, drawings, or emblems that are obscene, derogatory, or offensive will not be permitted. 
  4. Halter, tank and midriff tops are not permitted. Shorts and skirts cannot be shorter than 2 inches above the knee. Pajama pants cannot be worn.  
  5. Students are not permitted to wear excessively low necklines or waistlines. 
  6. Students are not permitted to wear beads or any gang related apparel or insignia. 
  7. Students are not permitted to wear platform or high heel shoes higher than 2 inches, crocs, or slippers/flip flops. 
  8. Tight fitting short or pants, (such as bike shorts or stretch pants) may not be worn except as a layered look.  
  9. Undergarments must not be exposed or be able to be seen through sheer clothing. 







Additional sites to order polo shirt or pants (prices reflect current listings but may fluctuate): 

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Walmart: – type in school uniform in search bar or go to:


If any family needs assistance in providing the school uniform, please contact your child’s guidance counselor. All calls will be kept confidential.



Failure to following Chancellor’s Behavioral Expectations with regard to following the LAMS uniform policy will result in disciplinary actions per the chancellor’s code of behavioral expectations listed below:


Student Intervention and Discipline Code Level 1 Infractions –

(Grade 5) A02 Failing to wear the required school uniform (applies only to students in schools that have adopted a school uniform policy and whose parents have not secured an exemption) (A–D)

(Grade 6-8) B02 Failing to wear the required school uniform (applies only to students in grades 6-12 in schools that have adopted a school uniform policy and whose parents have not secured an exemption) (A-D)


Range of Possible Disciplinary Actions

  1. Pedagogical school staff meeting with student to address the misbehavior and its consequences
  2. Student/teacher conference
  3. Formal meeting with student by appropriate supervisor (e.g., assistant principal, principal) to address the misbehavior and understand its consequences
  4. Parent conference


Our Uniform Policy is in adherence to Chancellor’s Regulation A-665.  If you would like to file an exemption, you may refer to the Chancellor’s Regulation A-665 for guidance.



Please note families may purchase clothing which satisfies the uniform requirement at any vendor/store of their choice.  
The store is currently open for you convenience.