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Coffee with the Cabinet

October 2022 Coffee With the Cabinet Questionnaire Answers:


* Please note, any questions submitted close to or after the meeting begins will be rolled over to next month’s questionnaire as applicable.


Question: When will the school site be updated for the Fine Arts & Performing Arts page?  Also, the site only contains information for the application link for the Arts & Literacy Afterschool program but nothing else about which programs, what are the dates/times, waitlists, teachers to student ratio, which teachers, how long the waitlist likely is & when to likely be accepted,...



This was a new page created for our website this Fall. The website will be updated regarding faculty and class information and pictures/videos of performance and artwork.  For afterschool program questions, those should be fielded to our Community-Based Organization, Arts and Literacy, who runs the program.


Question: Hi- I have heard rumors that our school will install metal detectors or have random checks throughout the year.  Can you please shed some light on this?  Why and when will this start?



Metal detectors will not be installed at Louis Armstrong. The DOE reserves the right to engage in random scanning in public schools at any time. The notice that was sent out was to inform you of the possibility. We are never told in advance.