• Robitics Team

    Meetings are held on Wednesday for the months of April, May, and June  from 2:45 to 4:15 in Mr. Grambo's room  
    Contact Ms. Amalfitano at TAmalfitano2@schools.nyc.gov for grades 7 and 8 and/or  Mr. Grambo, GGrambo@schools.nyc.gov for grades 5 and 6.

    The students really get a good feel for how computer programs work with the use of the Lego robots. When something goes wrong with a student's home computer, they automatically think that there is something wrong with the computer. With the Lego Robots, the student can see that they have programmed the robot to do something, and then if it doesn't work, they can look at the program to see what they actually asked the robot to do. The hands-on, instant response that the robots provide gives the students a greater understanding of how computers work. It forces them to think sequentially and methodically. It also forces them to problem solve, another skill middle school students definitely need. The software and robots are very easy to use and the students catch on very quickly, making it more likely they will actually review their own work rather than relying on their teachers to 'fix' the robot for them.

    Robotic Programs Offered at IS 227Q
    During School

    - 8th Grade STEM Elective (period 3) Mr. Akalski, (period 4) Mr. Blum, (period 5) Mr. Dominguez

    • Focus' on advanced mechanics, engineering, and web building

    After School

    -- Robotics Newbies - First year program with 5th graders

    • A general overview of building, mechanics, and basic programming 
    - Robotics New Schoolers  6th and 7th grade after school program meeting once a week
    •  1st year students are introduced to the world of Robotics through high level problem solving and team building activities

    -Robotics Old Schoolers - mainly 8th grade (possible for all grade levels) after school program meeting once a week

    • Students are involved at the competitive level with hundreds of schools from around the NYC region.  Advanced mechanics, engineering, computer programming, research skills, and public speaking are just some skills learned and refined.