• IS 227Q - The Louis Armstrong Middle School
    32-02 Junction Blvd.
    East Elmhurst, NY 11369
    Office - (718) 335-7500
    Fax - (718) 779-7186
     Helen Ponella
           Assistant Principals      
    Irene Filakouris    House 2
    Kim Sanders      House 3
    Penny Dunn        House 4
    Jacqueline Exarhos, Instructional Support Services (ISS)

    L.A.M.S. is comprised of three separate houses, which function as schools with in a school. Each house has its own assistant principal and guidance counselor who get to know the students in their house. The students spend the greater part of their day in their house. This provides for a strong academic and social support system for our students.

    Office Room Numbers
    Assistant Principal for House 2, Ms. Filakouris 232
    Assistant Principal for House 3, Ms. Sanders, 334 
    Assistant Principal for House 4, Ms. Dunn, 428
    Assistant Principal for ISS, Ms. Exarhos, 430
    Programmer, Mr. BenDayan, 145 
    Dean, Mr. Raymundo, 224
    Dean, Ms. vonBorstel, 332
    Guidance Counselor for House 2, Dr. Gordillo, 234 
    Guidance Counselor for House 3, Ms. Stein, 328 
    Guidance Counselor for House 4, Mr. DePalo, 428 
    Medical Room, 149 
    Nurse, Ms. Renee, 150 
    Parent Coordinator, Ms. Cataldo, 130 
    SAPIS, Ms. Maietta, 455 
    PTA, 130

    School Routines
    We are proud of our building and students are expected to take good care of it. Rooms and hallways are to be kept clean and attractive. Students are expected to take good care of all musical instruments, computer and scientific equipment, textbooks, and other supplies.  Students should be well groomed and wear appropriate clothing which is neat and clean.  Remember that your dress reflects your sense of personal pride and your attitude toward your school.

    Attendance and Punctuality
    To maximize your education, it is essential that you attend each day and get to school on time. You are due into Period 1 at 8:25 a.m. and you will be dismissed at 2:o0 p.m.  If you are late, report to the Main Office and sign the late book. If you are absent, you must bring a note from home explaining your absence. It is to be given to your advisory teacher upon your return to school.  After a long illness or injury the teacher may ask for medical documentation.

    Blue Emergency Cards/Leaving the School Building
    Every student must have an updated emergency contact card on file in the Main Office. If you feel sick, you may not leave the school on your own. Someone on staff will notify your parent or emergency home contact person. In order to leave school early, you must be picked up and signed out by an adult listed on the blue emergency card. The adult must be 21 years or older.

    Student Cafeteria
    Breakfast is grab and go and is given to students as they go to Period 1. There is no charge for breakfast.  During instruction lunch periods, lunches are delivered to classrooms. Upon completion of lunch, students must discard their trash and recyclables separately. 

    Hall Passes
    During hall passing between periods, you must go directly and quickly to your next class. Avoid running, fooling around or shouting. You must be sure to get to your next classroom on time. It is your responsibility to follow the time schedule.  You must have permission and a pass when you leave any room.  It is your responsibility to make sure you have a pass. If you are found anywhere in the building other than in your regular classroom without a pass, you can expect to be referred for discipline. Cutting classes in school is a most serious offense and will be dealt with promptly.

    Bathroom Policy
    Students must receive a pass from their teacher to go to the bathroom during class time. Only one student is permitted out of the classroom with a pass.

    School Policies
    Students are required to accept responsibility for conducting themselves in a manner that promotes the learning process both academically and socially. Students must follow rules that are designed to keep our school safe and provide a healthy environment for everyone. It is also expected that students will be respectful and courteous amongst themselves and to adults. Fighting, including play fighting will not be tolerated at any time in school, on school property, on school buses, or on the way to or from school. Fighting is a very serious violation of school policy.  Every student will receive a DOE –NYC code of discipline. School rules and guidelines are clearly spelled out so that students and parents understand what is considered acceptable behavior in this school and what enforcement procedures are in effect. Read and sign the Chancellor’s discipline code – Code of Behavior. Good behavior and a positive attitude are expected of every student.

    Electronic Devices
    The school's policy on cell phones, hand-held video games, personal radios and MP3 players has changed. Students must follow the guidelines listed in the document below and must bring in a signed permission slip. If a student infraction occurs, the item will be taken away. These items must be picked up from the principal by a parent. The school is not responsible for stolen or damaged cell phones or electronic devices.

    Grades and Report Cards
    You will receive three report cards a year. The passing mark in each subject is 65. Your teacher will base your grade on class work, tests, homework, notebooks, special reports and extra work. Every teacher uses a published grading policy.

    Promotion and Graduation
    To be promoted to the next grade, you must achieve satisfactory completion in academic areas of study, meet the minimum requirements of the New York State Reading and Mathematics examinations and in addition, have a satisfactory record of attendance. You will receive detailed information regarding the criteria for each grade at the beginning of the school year.

    Textbooks and Materials
    The school provides textbooks and novels for the use of all students. Parents are urged to encourage their children to take good care of novels, textbooks and other materials. If something is lost or damaged, the student must pay the assessed amount.

    Library Books
    Students are responsible for borrowed library books. They must be returned on time and in good condition. Additional books may not be checked out until overdue books are returned.  

    Student Organization
    We have an active student organization. Each year, officers and delegates are elected to serve you and your school. They plan special events such as dances and charity drives. To become a member of the Student Organization (S.O.) you must pay your dues each year. This will also entitle you to discounted admission to S.O. activities.

    Parent Coordinator
    The Parent Coordinator sponsors workshops, trips, school activities, and family oriented activities throughout the school year. The focus is on creating a welcoming environment for parents. The Parent Coordinator engages and involves parents in the school community by working with the principal, school staff, School Leadership Team, PTA, and parent advisory councils.

    Parent-Teacher Association
    The PTA is the organized voice of the parent community in the school. There are monthly meetings of the executive board as well as monthly general membership meetings held every month. Parents’ participation in the PTA is of vital importance. Membership donations are accepted in the fall and enable the PTA to sponsor programs and assist the school in various ways.

    Library/Media Center (Currently Closed due to Covid)
    Our fine library/media center contains various kinds of computers, some with electronic encyclopedias, digital periodical databases, videos and allows access to the Internet. There is a variety of computer software available to students. The print collection includes thousands of volumes with current fiction and up to date reference materials. Students may access our library’s automated catalog from home using the school's web site, as well as access to the Queens Public Library. Our school library is open to students with their classes by appointment, with a pass from a teacher, during lunch periods and before school during Early Bird sessions.