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    The Louis Armstrong Middle School
    Art Program 


    In the contemporary global environment the focus of education is too often placed on science, mathematics and technology. Undoubtedly the assumption is that concentration in these areas will make the current elementary school population more economically competitive and viable. Such a one-sided approach fails to take into account the numerous advantages that art offers to the young middle school student.

    Art projects in middle schools have a number of advantages for the individual students. It provides middle school students with a hands-on approach to learning about colors, shapes and textures. It also allows them to learn to follow simple directions and work together with others in a spirit of team work. Students learn that art presents opportunities for creativity and expression. Art also helps students develop self confidence, motivation and concentration skills.

    It has been shown that art education has numerous advantages for the student's academic achievements and education as a whole. Studying art and engaging in art projects develops skills in reading, cognitive ability, critical thinking and verbal skills.

    Art in middle schools helps to encourage an atmosphere of cultural diversity. Art in various forms, painting, drawing and crafts, reflects specific cultural contexts. Consequently, art is an important tool for enlightening middle school students' culture. Art provides students with a broader and more appreciative outlook on different cultures. European art, Hispanic art, African art, teach student that different cultures perceive and represent the world in different ways. In addition to enlarging the understanding of culture, art history also offers important insights into history.