• Update for October 2020

    Posted by Karen Ponzo on 10/24/2020 10:35:00 PM

    Hello to the Parents of Classes 66, 69, and 6D2:

    After our delayed start to the new school year, we were finally able to meet each other in-person or via Zoom.  It has taken us a full cycle to be able to follow the new schedule for Cohort A, Cohort B, and Cohort C.  Not only did our wonderful students have to learn cohort days, but they had to get accustomed to having classes with different teachers.

    All 3 classes are "pros" now with either coming into school or working online, following our course curriculum, working with different teaachers, and understanding how to follow a 7-period day.

    I had my first "informal parent meet" on the 2nd Friday during the last 10 minutes of each class.   We could see each other, talk, and ask/answer questions.

    Since that time, I have spoken with many of you via phone or ZOOM.   I would like to continue that connection through the rest of the school year.           BTW:   It is possible to schedule phone calls after school or in the evening.  You can also email me at Kponzo@schools.nyc.gov and I will respond.


    Here is a quick update for each subject I teach:

    ELA with Classes 66, 69, and 6D2:

    1.  We have set up a writer's notebook with certain topics in the first 12 pages.  In the back, we set up a chart for the 25 books each one of us will be reading this year (class novel or reading books for pleasure).  On page 4 we have our first memoir writing "My Name", page 8 has our list of character traits, and page 9 has our list of themes.  After page 12, we have various activities "Sketch and Write" and "Persona Poems."


    2.   Much of our work is in Google Classroom.  Each morning before 8AM, I send a new posting with the day's schedule, tasks/activities, important notes, and my ZOOM link.  For Classes 66 and 69, one cohort is in-person (room) and the other two cohorts are with me online in ZOOM.   For Class 6D2, the entire group is with me in ZOOM.

    3.   When I admit each student into the ZOOM, I am also taking attendance for the class.  Attendance does count as part of our grading policy:

    60%  attendance, classwork, homework

    40%  assessments, projects

    4.   Class begins with screen sharing my lesson sequence and all my links.   You'll notice that I add all the links, google docs, and helpful hints in one lesson.  I show and I explain.  We discuss, ask/answer questions, and then I post all the work.    We stay together as a class as I continually offer help and hints.   Students are free to send questions/comments to me in the ZOOM CHAT or they ask me LIVE.  

    5.  We have read advanced leveled short stories with activities, taken a 2-part 6th grade baseline test, taken 1 pretest and 1 test (Priscilla and the Wimps).  We added in a second memoir (Best Moment).

    Soon we will be taking the MAP assessment schoolwide in ELA, Math, and Science.

    6.  Sending in the classwork and submitting assessments are extremely important for the 60% portion of your child's grade.  There are always deadlines to follow because the next day brings new classwork/activities.   

    7.   Even though the schoolwide MAP testing will occur, we are beginning our first class novel.   Students should still read their own "pleasure reading" books while we work on this first unit.     More news about FREAK the MIGHTY will be posted soon.


    SS with Class 66:

    1.  We have Current Events every Tuesday.   We have been discussing NYC, NYS, USA, and World news.  In my lesson, I have posted links to news channels to WATCH the news, radio stations to LISTEN to the news, and finally newspapers to READ the news.

    There is a Google Docs that needs to be completed with written work Choice 1 or Choice 2 or Choice 3.  Current Events will occur through the entire year.  We will be the best 6th grade class---ready to disuss all news.

    2.   We just completed our first unit "All About Me.' Thank you so much for your help with gathering pictures or artifacts.   We loved watching and asking questions through each presentation.   Each student was in front of my laptop camera...projected on the big screen in school and in Zoom for those at home.  We wrote notes (reactions and connections) for each student.    Grades will be distributed this week.

    3.   We are moving to the 2nd unit:  Geography.   We have a Geography packet (states, continuents, water forms, etc) and will begin our next project.   Students will be learning about the 5 Themes of Geography. Afterwards, there will be a research project, resulting in a sharable poster.     Students will be working both in-school and at home.  

    4.  Grading policy:

    60%  attendance, classwork, homework

    40%  assessments, projects



    Please be assured that your child's education is my top priority.   Despite the restrictions of COVID-19 and our school schedules, I want to ensure you that all students will be working and learning to their full potential.   I love teaching all 3 classes!!  

    Please keep in touch.   Ask me questions to clarify.  I do check my emails in the afternoon when I finish teaching so that is the easiest way because I will respond as soon as I read the email.  

    For the hybrid students in classes 66 and 69, you noticed that I have taken the role of not only the in-person teacher but the online blended learning teacher.  I have pushed away the directive to "post work" and have worked to ensure that whether students are with me in school or at home, everyone gets the same lesson and attention.   I do ask for your patience as I navigate between helping those in school and then coming back to the laptop to help those at home. 

    For class 6D2, I am the fully remote ELA teacher.  There is consistency because I get to spend period 6 with the class and they get my undivided attention. 

    We are nearing the end of October and I am  looking forward to Election Day, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving and our November days together.   The next UPDATE will be towards the end of November.    

    Take care!  Be safe and healthy!

    :)Karen Ponzo

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  • update for the week of March 9th

    Posted by Karen Ponzo on 3/13/2020

    Update for the week of March 9th  PART 2:


    Click in the upper corner to have this update translated to another language.


    Hello parents of 6-323 and 6-319:



    1.  Parents-teachers conferences  occurred on Tuesday.  We met with parents/families from 12-40-2:40 and from 4:30-7:30.

     Other options:   Arrange a visit to the school on a Tuesday between 2:45 and 3:45pm.  We need to be finished by 3:45pm.

                             Arrange for a phone call conference during the day or in the evening.


    2.  We had our compliments party last Friday.  What a wonderful time we had together.  We are hoping to do this again very soon.  Keep up the great behavior!!


    3.  Daylight Savings time:  WOW!!  Are you feeling the lost hour of sleep?  I think the students feel it too since we are back to waking up in total darkness.  Let's hope we can all catch up on some extra sleep this weekend.




    1.  Homework schedule:

    Monday   BNB chapter 19A     1 rule and 2 posts

    Tuesday   BNB chapter 19 B     4 posts

    Wednesday    TP Living with Antarctica    7 MC

    Thursday      TP  Langston Hughes   7MC

    Friday         BNB STory Mountain

                      Bring emergency packet home and leave it on a shelf until June


    2.  BNB:

    We finished the novel and what a twist.  We had a great OMGOSH MRS PONZO moment there and could not believe that HEC is actually the grandfather, not the father.   

    We also discover that Bud has a personal turning point as he figures this is where he belongs and the people he should be with.

    We still have a MC unit exam, an essay unit exam, reading IF (poem), and Steve Jobs (speech).


    3.  TP practice:

    We are working in a small packet for test prep.  Thee are practice multiple choice, constructing short responses, and building a strong extended response (essay).

    WE are mixing the tasks.  I have been giving the students many strategies whether for handling multiple choice questions, working on short responses, or writing the essay.

         SR:           RA     restate and answer

                         CE     cite evidence and explain using details from the text

                         CE     cite evidence and explain using details from the text

    '     ER:       multiple paragraphs with one central focus

         MC:        texts with 7 questions.  Answers are very tricky and requires you to look back and think for each choice before choosing the BETTER answer.




    1.  We continue with our newspaper unit.  Of course, there is so much in the news about the election, the stock market, the corona virus, etc.  I never imagined that museums, professional sports, Broadway theaters would all be closed. 


    2.  FEAST project:  

    Every year I have this spectacular SS project in December.  Research, group work, library sessions, report, presentation, and culminating in a BUFFET FEAST to be shared by both classes.   AT the end of the day, my former students (now in the 7th and 8th graders) return to finish the food and soda.

    Basically, the current students host the buffet and share foods from around the world.  My former students return to talk about their days as a 6th grader and eat the leftovers.  Even though those students have left me, they still return to visit.  Next year when your child is in the 7th grade, the same will happen.

    I would LOVE to continue this tradition.  We shall give you more details later.....after my research and the library's research sessions.  



    Newspaper due next week.  323 on Thursday and 319 on Friday.



    Have a wonderful weekend with family and friends!

    Be safe!

    ~~Mrs Ponzo

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  • week of March 9th

    Posted by Karen Ponzo on 3/13/2020

    Update for week of March 9th

    Part 1


    Click in the corner to have this update translated to another language.


    Hello to the parents of 323 and 319:

    It has been awhile since I wrote.  I returned in January and have been teaching the 2 classes.  I am so happy to be back----ready for the students and stronger with 2 knees!!


    In my next blog posting, I will outline what we have been working on in class for ELA and SS.  Please be patient since we started using a new part of the program.


    Have a good afternoon!
    Karen Ponzo

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  • update for the week of October 21st

    Posted by Karen Ponzo on 10/25/2019

    Update for the week of October 21st


    Hello to the parents of 6-323 and 6-319:

    What a quick week it has been!  It is already Friday and I am writing our week in review.



    1.  Trip on Tuesday to the Queens Museum.  $6.50 for the guided tour and an art project.  

                      2 parents are assisting us:  Sabrina's mom and Anwar's mom.  Thank you!!

    2.  Candy share 35 pieces for 10/31.

    3.  Costumes are allowed on 10/31 but NO covering the face and NO weapons.

    4.   A letter is taped in your child's homework planner.  Please ask for it and read.  I answered so many questions today.  




    1.  FTM---we introduced the novel with #1-11 What we notice about the novel.

                chapters 1-2, chapter 3, and chapter 4:  We   work on specific vocabulary words first using the dictionary or laptops.  

                                                                           We read some/all of the upcoming chapter.

                                                                           We discuss the previous chapter.

                                                                          I teach the skills and standards appropriate for the chapter. (brown marker writing)

                                                                          HOMEWORK:  each night we read 1-2 chapters.  Then there a list of events/notices to complete with detailed answers.


    2.  Pleasure Read and Write:  YES!  We continue to do this a few times a week.

                                                On Wednesday....we chose from a list of writing responses to complete.


    3.  Showcases:  We are currently on showcase #2.  Showcase #1 has been hanging for 2 months.  It is time to  begin working on another piece of writing that your child is proud of.  During round 2, we also ask the students to fill out a special reflection sheet......What standards are you reviewing? What did you learn from this task?  and finally, Mrs Ponzo's comments (glow and grow).

                            We are eagerly waiting for the next round to share with other students, parents, and the other administrators.  We are a SHOWCASE group!!!




    Monday--  Introducing FTM.  We gave out supplies----plastic bag, novel, notebook.  Complete chart Things We Notice #1-11

    Tuesday--  FTM--read chapters 1 and 2.  Answer (8) NOTICE/EVENTS with detailed notes.

    Wednesday-FTM---read chapter 3.  Answer (3) NOTICE/EVENTS with detailed notes from the text.

    Thursday--  FTM  read chapter 4.  Answer 5 NOTICES/EVENTS with detailed notes.

    Friday--  FTM  re-read chapter 4 because there is so much information from Freak and the stories he tells.

                 Complete (5) NOTICES/EVENTS.

                 Pleasure Read and WRite





    1.  SOCS quiz:  Extension from 5th grade---states, continents, oceans, seas, 1 gulf, and 1 bay.

                                   Be ready to list and spell.  This is our first "memorize" quiz.


    2.  Current Events:  We continue to share the news with each other.  We read all different types of newspapers (Newsday, Post, Daily News, NY Times, AM Metro, Queens Chronicle, Ridgewood Times, etc).  Get the FREE papers.

                                 Read an assortment of articles.

                                 Share the articles in the front of the room.  Start the discussion with the class.


    3.  Upcoming unit:  5 themes of GEOGRAPHY

    reference copies, workbook, textbook: Journey Through Time,  scheduled library periods (2 each week)  



    New newspaper .....Thursday for 323 and Friday for 319

    study for the SOCS quiz on Monday



    Enjoy the weekend with family and friends!

    Enjoy your child.....as I do each day!

    ~Mrs. Ponzo



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  • update for the week of October 15th

    Posted by Karen Ponzo on 10/18/2019

    update for the week of October 15th


    Dear Parents of 6-323 and 6-319:

    We had Monday off from school for Columbus Day.  It was a quick 4 days this week.  Read on for news!



    1.  S.O. Dues $5

    2.  Candy sale money due to the PTA

    3.  Trip Slip and $6.50 for the Queens Museum.  Our trip is on 10/29.  Reminder that we must have 2 adults accompany us on the trip.

    4.  Fall dance money was due to purchase tickets.  Fall dance is today after school.

    5.  New Scholastic book orders are due on Friday 10/25.  Many books are on sale this month.

    6.  Gym uniform money is due for an order.

    7.  Sign up on PupilPath for grades and for Remind for messages.

    8.  Candy Share is on 10/31.  34-40 individually wrapped treats PLEASE!!!

    9.  Both classes went to the auditorium for their individual and class pictures.  Students brought in envelopes if they were ordering packages. Each student will get an ID card.  I will get the class picture to share with all to see.




    1.  5-3-1 reading log:  5 days of pleasure reading---3 days of writing--1 signature

          Reminder that I have shown the students samples of the writing.  Say something---details.  Show quality and quantity.


    2.  "A Cheetah Remembers" and "Priscilla and the Wimps"  (discussion techniques):

                 Tables 1, 2, and 3 have a baggie of questions.  Students choose their job and then proceed to complete their discussions with appropriate questions.  If completed with their cycle, there are 1-2 challenges in the bag.

                 Tables 4 and 5 have a baggie of TASK cards.  Students complete the set of tasks and help through discussion and writing.  If completed with their cycle, there are 1-2 challenges in the bag.

                  Non-fiction reading and questions:  I printed 2 non-fiction articles----bullying and cheetahs.  Students read the article and then completed multiple choice questions.


    3.  " A Cheetah Remembers" and "Priscilla and the Wimps"  (skills work):   Along with the discussion goals and standards, students were asked to work on 4 sets of skills.

                       skill 1:  setting

                      skill 2:  theme and central idea/main idea/message

                       skill 3:  conflict

                       skill 4: storyline/  plot outline / 5 elements of a story / roller coaster / story mountain


    4.  Friday activities:  Pleasure Read or Pleasure Write for 30 minutes.

                                  Choices:  technology research from chart

                                                PR or PW

                                                SHOWCASE work

                                                speeches for SO election (6th grade vice president)

                                               complete any missing or redo homework

                                               Work on AAM list in your SS notebook.

                                                Library time to get books.

                                                Conference time with Ms Ponzo.



    All week:   Work on 5-3-1 reading log.   5 days of reading--3 days of writing--1 signature.  RL due on MOnday for a HW grade and a test grade.

                   Carry a pleasure reading book with you for reading in school.

                    Independent reading at home




    1.  Current Events:  Wow!  We were so amazed with this week's news.  We read independently for 15 minutes and then I used the SHARE card.  Students came to the projector/ELMO and spoke about their article-of-choice.  I think the students are starting to like this activity.  We have discussed world news, NYC news, sports, and entertainment.

        Please remember that NEW newspapers are due every week.  This activity promotes non-fiction reading, different text formats, use of visual representation, speaking in front of an audience, choosing the most important facts/details.


    2.  Student Organization 6th grade vice president candidates:  We spoke about the opportunity for some students to run for 6th grade SO vice president.  With Mr Grambo, there is a 8th grade president, 8th grade vice president, 7th grade vice president, 6th grade vice president, and a 5th grade vice president.

         There is a contract to be completed with information, signatures from the principal and asst. principal, students, and then teacher recommendations.  In addition, the students must campaign so that other 6th graders get to know them.  Finally there is a SO assembly with speeches to be made by all the candidates.  Eventually there is voting day and the winners will be announced by Mr Grambo.

       Good luck to all who are trying out this great opportunity.


    3.  Short week:  Monday off; Wednesday picture day


    4.  RESPECT for all contest:   Contest is open to all students.  There is an essay to be written (bullying) OR a poster to be designed (respect).  Prizes will be given by the school PTA.  

         In addition, I will give student extra credit points and they are allowed to use their essay/poster as a SHOWCASE.



    NEW newspaper due on Thursday for 323 and Friday for 319.

    New mini-unit begins next week.  Review your knowledge---states, continents, seas, oceans.



    Have a great weekend with family and friends!

    Enjoy spending time with your child......as I do each day!

    ~~Karen Ponzo

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  • Update for the week of October 7th

    Posted by Karen Ponzo on 10/11/2019

    Update for the week of October 7th


    Hello to the parents of 6-323 and 6-319:

    It was only a 4-day week so our time passed quickly.  Read on for this week's news and updates!



    1.  SO dues $5

    2.  Friday:  Walkathon for Breast Cancer Awareness.  Students have permission slips to sign for walking around the school building at lunchtime.  In addition, donations were attached to each slip.   

        We were wearing PINK and ready to go out walking period 5.  What fun we had!!  Thank you so much for your support.

    3.  Trip Slip and $6.50 for the trip to the Queens Museum on October 29th.

    4. No school on Monday 10/14 for Columbus Day.

    5.  Fall dance permission slips and money:  tickets will be sold in the lunchroom starting on Tuesday.  The dance is Friday afternoon.

    5.  $7 for Scholastic SToryworks and Scholastic News

    6.  Sign up for REMIND (texting messages from school to home and from you to the teachers) and for PUPILPATH (see grades/averages).




    1.  conferences:  Students sign up for individual conferences with me.  We look at their PUPILPATH grades and I answer any questions they may have.  Averages:  classwork, exams/projects, homework.  

         NOTE:  It is important for you to constantly check grades in PUPILPATH.  This gives you an idea about how your child is progressing in class.  

    2.  MAP testing:  This test takes the place of Performance Series.  It offers a Lexile score and strengths/weaknesses.  The students used one period on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday to complete the test.

    3.  Short story fictional text:  "A Pet"

         skills:  Discussion cycle, Question/answer, theme, central idea, character traits

    4.  New Short story fictional text:  " Priscilla and the Wimps" or "A Cheetah Remembers"

         skills:  discussion cycle, central idea, theme

    5.  5-3-1 reading log:  This has been the week-long homework. 

                              5 days of reading---3 days of Say Something writing (use details from the book) --1 signature.

                              This will be graded as a homework and as a quiz grade.



    Monday:   5-3-1 reading log sheet handed out to students

    Tuesday:  5-3-1 reading log

    Thursday:  5-3-1 reading log.  Bring an pleasure reading book.

    Friday:     1.  5-3-1 reading log.

                  2.  STudents received a new short story fictional text.  Please read and ANNOTATE/GIST the story.


    Due Tuesday:  5-3-1 reading log

                         Read and annotate new short story.




    1.  AAM presentation:  Students are fixing their notebooks to ensure a full classwork grade of 100 (must have 30 student notes).

    2.  Current Events:  This week was the first for our current events cycle.  Please note that we need a new newspaper every week.  The news is constantly changing.  Please continue to search for a FREE paper instead of purchasing.  Otherwise you can get Newsday, NY Times, Post, or the Daily News.  This is even a homework for me!!!

          We all read the newspaper for 10-15 minutes.  I begin the SHARE time at the ELMO and big screen.  I introduce a story of my interest and share with the class.  AFter me comes a student and the cycle continues until the end of the period.

          Students are able to read for the entire period or join/participate/present articles of their interest.  It is amazing to see student raise their hand to share an article in front of the class.  

          We also cut out one particular article of interest and tape in our SS notebooks.

           Reminder that the newspaper counts as a homework and as classwork.  Everyone has 8 days to get a new newspaper.  THANK YOU for your support with this weekly unit!!!



    1.  Fix/adjust AAM notes to total 30.

    2.  New newspaper due for 323 on Thursday and for 319 on Friday.



    Enjoy the weekend with family and friends.

    Enjoy your child......as I do each day!

    ~Karen Ponzo


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  • Update for the week of October 2nd

    Posted by Karen Ponzo on 10/4/2019

    Update for the week of October 2nd


    Hello to the parents of 6-323 and 6-319:

    What a short week we had!  School was closed Monday and Tuesday, in celebration of Rosh Hashanah.  Happy New Year to those who celebrate.  Read on for our week's news!



    1.  S.O dues are $5.00

    2.  Breast Cancer Walkathon takes place on Friday the 11th.  Come join us pd 5 as we walk around the school.  You need your parent's signature and a donation.

    3.  Queens Museum trip slip and money $6.50.  Our trip is on Tuesday the 29th.  Please send in slip /money by the 18th.  

        Thanks for our 2 parents who are joining us.......Sabrina's and Jolette's.

    4.  Scholastic books orders for October are due on the 11th.  Please send in money attached to the order form.

    5.  No school on Wednesday-----Yom Kippur.

    6.  Fall dance letters went home.  If you wish to attend, have your parent sign the slip and bring in money.  Tickets will be sold in the cafeteria and the dance is on the 11th (right after school).

    7.  Gym uniform money is being collected.

    8.  Sign up for Remind and PupilPath.  Message Ms Hirsch is you need tech help!




    1.  "A Pet"----you could hear a pin drop when I read this fictional short story aloud.  The students were shocked with the ending and I could see the caring and concerned faces.  What a reaction to the story.

              step 1:  listen as Mrs Ponzo read the story aloud to get the idea

             step 2:  listen and takes notes

              step 3:  discussion about whether you can answer questions//the importance of gisting or annotating

             step 4:Discuss our goal of appropriate gisting and annotating

               step 5:  wait for it.......   **I gave xerox copies of the text

               step 5b:  new seats and new groups  (for the 1st novel and activities)

              step 6:  Organized discussion groups (each group has a question bag with jobs/tasks, reference help sheet, and challenge sheet)

                                    We spent 20 minutes  with"organized discussions".  It was our first time so we had to learn the routines.

                step 7:  create organized discussion questions for homework (4)


    My goals were to have both classes read a text, understand the importance of gisting/annotating, S&L standards for speaking and listening in a group, and W.6.2  WRite explanatory (short) texts to explain the idea/information.


    2.  We will begin MAP assessments next week for reading.  This assessment will offer us Lexile levels, strengths and weaknesses.  Testing occurs on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday (if needed).


    3.  Before we begin Novel #1, I wanted to work on how an author's creates a scene. 

                                       There are 3 ways:  through dialogue ( ".....")

                                                                   through action

                                                                  through thought

    You saw evidence of this work when your child worked on the 4-square paper.  Thank you for your assistance!  This was a difficult concept and we will revisit again during the next month.



    Wednesday:  annotate/gist "A Pet"

    Thursday:   Bring a PR book

                    Group create and answer 4 questions.  NOTE:  This homework was taken as a homework grade and a quiz grade.

    Friday:   Bring a PR book next week.

                 RA--CE--CE format for a variety of choices for a short response  (RL6.1 and W6.1)

                                     RA    restate and answer

                                     CE     cite evidence #1 (quote)

                                             Explain in your own words the scene and connection to your point

                                    CE     cite evidence #2 (quote

                                             Explain in your own words the scene and connection to your point

                  Specific paper with notes was given to each student.  However they are free to type/print or use looseleaf paper.




    1.  We spoke about our new unit with Current Events.  Each student has 8 days to bring in any newspaper during that week.  It can be purchased or free.

                Buy:   Newsday, NY Times, the Post, Daily News

                FREE:  Get a FREE paper:  Long Island Weekly, AM Metro, Queens Chronicle, Ridgewood Times

    I always recommend getting a free newspaper.  I get the Queens Chronicle when I exit Stop&Shop.

    We will read, discuss, share news from around the world.  It is important that your child has a newspaper on the assigned day since this is our homework and our classwork.

               Assigned day for 323:  Every Thursday

               Assigned day for 319:  Every Friday

    How can you help?  Please get a FREE newspaper, purchase a paper, or ask someone at work or in the neighborhood if you can have their paper.


    2.  AAM Presentation:  Can I tell you that adults stand at my window watching the pictures and artifact presentations?  Can I tell you that my 7th and 8th graders come at the end of the day, hoping there is food to share?

        We have learned so much about each other.  We have a rubric we use for scoring and students also notice the strengths of each other in presentations.  

        We should be finished next week in 323 (Tuesday) and in 319 (Monday).  Rubrics will be returned to students to tape/glue into their notebooks.  I will check notebooks for 29 sets of responses to the presentations.  Please ask your child if there are 29 sets.



    1.  Newspaper due on Thursday for 323 and Friday for 319.

    2.  Check with your child about having 29 AAM sets of presentation responses.



    Have a great weekend with family and friends.

    Enjoy your child....like I do each day!

    ~Mrs. Karen Ponzo


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  • Update for the week of 9/23/19

    Posted by Karen Ponzo on 9/27/2019

    UPDATE for the week of 9/27/19


    Hello to the parents of 6-323 and 6-319:

    Wow!  Another week has passed by so quickly and it is Friday.  Read on for this week's news:



    1.  collecting SO (student organization) Money $5.00

    2.  Collecting Walkathon donations and permission slips....for school-wide activity in October......for Breast Cancer Awareness day

    3.  Collecting gym uniform money.  See order form

    4.  Parents sign up for REMIND messages and for PUPILPATH grades.

    5.  Monday and Tuesday---school is closed for Rosh Hashanah.  Happy New Year for those who celebrate!

    6.  September Scholastic book orders were sent out on Thursday.  It will take 2 weeks before our orders are received and then I will send home another round of book orders for October.


    ELA:    We have had a busy week!  


    1.  Our main focus this week was working/reading non-fiction articles.  We find that these types of articles are more difficult to read and remember due to the large number of facts within an article.

      323 read a paired text----jellyfish (facts and the other on eating jellyfish)

      319 read another paired text----lack of clean drinking water (another part of the world and the water conditions in Flint, Michigan)

    Our skills focused on reading and understanding non-fiction texts, gisting/annotating, and sharing information with each other.


    2.  The students took their first official reading/writing test.  They were allowed to work in pairs and use the texts for reference.  Part 1 of the test had the students noticing the format of the texts, the type of information given, and the use of visual representation.

       Part 2 for 319's articles included skills-based questions:  supporting details, compare/contrast, text features, key details, cause/effect, critical thinking

        Part 2 for 323's articles included skills-based questions:  author's craft, text evidence, inference, cause/effect, main idea, key details, problem/solution


    3.  i begin grading the ELA tests and I will be honest with the fact that I cannot check at the same speed as the writer's notebooks every day.  Please be patient with me during this long process.  I want give 200% of my attention to grading each answer.  You will be the first to know since I will post them on PupilPath.


    4.  I began conferencing with the students.  They are allowed to see their PupilPath grades.  WE discuss the importance of balancing and "trying your best" in CLASSWORK, HOMEWORK, and TESTING.    All grades and work count in their overall average.  If you have not looked, please do so.  If you have any questions, please have your child meet with me.

        Conference times:  Mondays, WEdnesdays, Fridays during period 5

                                    Fridays during Choice day


    5.  Portfolios have been set up with a table of contents (slot 1) and Mrs Ponzo's hints (slot 2), and the ELA folder (slot 13).

        In addition, we added several more of Mrs Ponzo's hints to the back of the writer's notebooks.


    HOMEWORK this week:

    Monday:  Work on your academic vocabulary bookmarks.  

    Tuesday:  Annotate/gist (2) non-fiction articles

    Wednesday:  Grammar page 28-29 .    (319 also read the poem on p29 and answered the UP Close questions)

    Thursday and Friday:  Authors have different ways of presenting a scene.  Use Mrs Ponzo's 4 scenes and fill in the 4-square boxes.  If you draw, then you must also color.  


                                     Homework due on Monday (which is actually Wednesday)

     Friday:    pleasure read......catalog, comic books, newspapers, novels, graphic novels, non-fiction books.  ANYTHING!  JUST READ!!



    SS:  What a great week for presentations!

    1.   Newspapers/Current Events will begin in 2 weeks.  323 will need to bring in a newspaper from the week (free or paid) on Thursdays.

                                                                                   319 will need to bring their newspaper on Fridays.


    2.  AAM project:  WOW!  I cannot believe the wealth of facts we are learning from each student.  There are some days when we do not even get done with the 5 projects.  We have seen some amazing artifacts, great pictures, and sampled some favorite foods.  

       Thank you so much for helping us out with the project.  WE love sharing with each other.

        In the notebook, we are logging the following information-----name, unusual events/facts, in common with the presenter, and the presenters strength (according to the rubric)   during the presentation.




    Bring your project if you are presenting.



    Have a relaxing weekend!

    Enjoy your child.....as I do each day.

    ~~Mrs Ponzo


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  • Update for the week of 9/16

    Posted by Karen Ponzo on 9/20/2019

    Update for the week of September 16


    Hello to the Parents of 6-323 and 6-319:

    Welcome to another Friday in at LAMS.  It has been a wonderful week with the students!  Read on for more news:



    1.  notices were distributed:   gym uniform     PTA survey     Charter school opt-out form       Breast cancer walk-thon

    2.  Today was our first school spirit day....wear your favorite team jersey.

    3.  $6 for a lock.  Lockers were distributed last Monday.  Each student now has a locker to use.

           Lockers:  at the beginning of the day before homeroom, beginning of pd 5, end of pd 5, and at the end of pd 8/before homeroom

    4.  PLEASE sign up for REMIND and for PUPILPATH.

            REMIND.....teachers send reminders, you can send us messages/questions

            PUPILPATH.....you can see grades/scoring for homework, assessments/projects, and classwork

               **NOTE:  Mrs Ponzo enters grades every Tuesday afternoon

    5.  Thank you for coming to Meet the Teacher night.  We appreciate the fact you came in to see us!!  I loved sharing the night with you!!




    1.  We need all 13-pocket portfolios in school on Monday.  I will spend one period setting up the sections and distributing helpful hints sheets.  Please make sure your child has this portfolio.

    2.  By now, you have seen an old issue of Storyworks.  This is a great magazine for the kids to use.

       A.  Play:  323 read "I Have a Dream" and 319 read "Feathers in the Wind"

                  We read aloud with tone and voice.

                   We discussed various themes for each play.

                 We practiced how a theme ALIGNS/matches/relates to the play.

                 We continue to research 6-319....use of folktales as stories with lessons/messages

                 We continue to research 6-323....role of Martin Luther King Jr in history

         B.  Short Story (SH-ST):  323 read "Dad's new Job" and 319 read "Two Squeaks"

                  We read a fictional short story.

                  We discussed various themes for each short story.

                 We practiced how a theme ALIGNS/matches/relates to the story.


    3.  Please send in $7 for Storyworks ($4) and for Scholastic News ($3).  If you already sent in money, thank you!!  The bill has arrived!


    4.  Scholastic News:  goal of discussing a topic with opposing sides

                 If you found $100 on the floor, would you keep it?  Try to find the person who lost it?  Spend it?

                 We read some differing sides, had a group discussion, shared group views aloud.

                 We were shocked by Mrs Ponzo's money experiment....throw $132 out in the middle of the floor.  We observed as students/adults either walked passed the bag/ignoring the bag OR would they return the bag to me.  



    5.  HOMEWORK:

    Monday:  Bring your PR book

                  Hand in your reading log index card from the weekend.

                   WN:  Say Something about the debate topic (#4) OR Mrs Ponzo's money experiment.

    Tuesday:  Storyworks----read the short story and answer the Close Up question

    WEdnesday:  Storyworks----play.   Choose a theme from the class list and align/match/relate to the play.

    Thursday:  Storyworks----fictional story.  Choose a theme from the class list and align/match/relate to the short story.

                    Bring your PR book for Friday's class.

    Friday:  WOW Mrs Ponzo with writing, knowledge, ideas, or thought.  You can choose a short story format OR a letter format OR a non-fiction format.




    1.  We began our presentations.  323's #1-5 presented on Thursday and 319's #1-5 presented today.

      Artifacts, fav food, and pictures.  We are all sharing information together.  While presentations are happening, students have 4 questions to answer in their SS notebooks.



    1.  Prepare for presentation.

    2.  #6-10 present on Monday for 319 and on Tuesday for 323.



    Have a good weekend with family and friends.

    Enjoy your child.....as I do each day!

    ~Karen Ponzo


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  • update for the week of September 9th

    Posted by Karen Ponzo on 9/13/2019

    Update for the week of September 9th


    Dear parents of 6-323 and 6-319:

    Can you believe how quickly this year has flown by?  We just finished our first full week of school.  Read on!



    1.  Our Meet the Teacher night is on Tuesday, September 17th from 4:30 to 7:30.  A notice was sent home with your child.  You choose which time slot to attend.....4:30 or 5:30 or 6:30.  You come in for an hour to meet with us and see your child's new home for the year.  

    Available teachers:  Mrs Ponzo, ELA and SS

                                Mrs. Hirsch, Math

                                 Mr. Akalski, Science

                              Music teachers, Phys Ed teachers, Art teachers

                              Administration:  Ms Ponella, principal and Ms Sanders, assistant principal

    Please send back your sheet so we know which time slot you would like.  We will also be sending home "tickets" to bring on Tuesday.


    2.  We are still collecting school supplies, paper products, $6 for a lock.



    1.  Showcase:  we have been working on our first bulletin board where we showcase work we are proud of.  Our focus is to always think about what we learned for any experience.  We will have most of the showcases up on the wall but there may be a few who need to finish.

    2.  WN:  our writer's notebook is in full use this week.  We worked on different tasks, the showcase work, and even found time to independent read today for 35 minutes. 

    3.  Supplies:   2 WN for ELA, 1 WN for SS, 1 ELA folder, and 1 13-pocket portfolio.  Please.  Thank you.

    4.  Peer Share:  I always read my homework writing aloud so pg 4 MY NAME was a good writing entry to be shared among the class.  Students made a chart in their notebook for comments.  They walked around the room to stop, sit, read, and comment.  It was a great activity to be able to share news and customs.  

         Ask the students how Mrs Ponzo got her first and middle names from her parents.  OMGosh!  What a story.

    5.  READING card for weekend homework:

    on an index card....your name, title of the book you are reading, author, days read (2), times (2), how many pages (2), Choice A or Choice B.

    Choice A:  proof they have read with your full signature on the card

    choice B:  proof they have read with 2 short summaries about the book they are reading


    HOMEWORK this week:

    Monday-----WN page 3 and page 6

    Tuesday--WN----My Name

    Wednesday  WN---Best Moment

    Thursday--WN   Say Something statement.  Bring in an independent book to read.

    Friday---read for pleasure TWICE this weekend.  Complete the READING card.



    1.  We had our first lesson:  SS Goal:  Analyze the role of FAMILY in today's society.

    Interesting how our 2019 version of the word FAMILY does not match the dictionary.  WE discussed different types of families and what we noticed.

    2.  We had a moment of silence on September 11th.  I had a chart of times and an actual color picture of September 11th before the towers collapsed.  I spoke about a great book I read titled "Towers Falling".

       In addition, we have been researching September 11th...articles, photographs, and videos.

    3.  On Monday, I am introducing the first SS project-presentation.  I love this project and I believe this is a wonderful opportunity for students to share parts of their lives with the class, speak in front of the room, and be able to answer questions aloud.  

       Please wait for the project information next week!!



    Have a wonderful weekend with family and friends.

    Enjoy your child.....as I do each day!!

    ~Karen Ponzo

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