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Mr. Greg Grambo



I love art and science. I was always torn between the two [and both] would win as I became an adult. As I went through school, I kept switching back and forth between these subjects. I began my teaching career as an art teacher, but switched to teaching science. As I continued teaching science, I never left my love for art. Everything I do in my science classroom resembles the way in which someone would teach art. The methodology is the same, the equipment is just different. Over the years I have taught every grade in Middle School, but I find sixth grade to be special. Here I get to mold young minds and help to create future scientists. - Mr. Greg Grambo


    During the following days and possibly weeks we will be working from Google Classroom
    Please use your account on Google
    Please use these codes to join our Google class
    6-221 Tech   hb6aprj
    6-223 Tech   djymscf
    6-317 Tech    lfdrnwl
    6-321 Tech    zb7kq7s
    6-326 Tech    tnvqht4
    6-416/213A Tech   3o6n37k
    6-417 Tech    vcpiumc
    6-421/213B Tech   vpyergn
    6-423 Tech    kgg5dfz
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