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Welcome to 6th grade Mathematics...If we all work hard, we can be productive and successful while having fun at the same time. I have high expectations for everyone in the class, and I know we can all succeed!



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  • Welcome to 6th grade Mathematics!  I hope you all had a great summer, and have returned ready to learn!  If we all work hard, we can be productive and successful while having fun at the same time. I have high expectations for everyone in the class, and I know we can all succeed. In order to accomplish this goal, you must come to class prepared every day, follow the class rules and expectations, and try your best at all times!  You will be given a series of textbooks, which you are responsible for. We will use these every day in class. Please review the following items with your parents/guardians, and return the second page by Tuesday September 13.

    Classroom Rules:

    The TWO B’s

    1. Be Nice:

    The Respect you give others is the Respect you receive. Listen to what others have to say. Respect others as they are talking. Be considerate and courteous to each other. Ask, don’t take. Raise your hand. Wait to be called on. Help others if they need it. Never put someone down.

    2. Do your BEST:

     You should arrive to class with all necessary supplies, including assignments, and be ready to learn. Being unprepared is not doing your best. You should be on time, in your seat and ready to learn when the bell rings.  Wasting time is not doing your best. Homework is your best friend. It will make you better! Start assignments without having to be asked. Take notes and try each problem to the best of your ability. You can’t get better without trying. It’s ok to make mistakes, everyone does. That is how you learn best. Don’t settle for 2nd best. Push yourself so that your best is constantly improving!
       1. Verbal Warning
       2. Lunch Detention  
       3. Phone Call Home
       4. Write up on Section Sheet
       5. Parent-Teacher Conference 

    Grading Policy:

    Homework (10%):

                You start out with a 100% for homework. Every missing assignment will result in a 3 point deduction. Incomplete assignments will result in a 1.5 point deduction. 

    Quizzes (20%): 

                Quizzes will be given periodically. They will usually be announced, but CAN be given at any time.

    Tests (40%): 

            Chapter/Unit exams will be given, and will be announced.

    In Class work and Class participation(20%)

            Participation and involvement in class activities is crucial to success in mathematics.

    Projects (10%)

            Projects will be announced and will count as fifteen percent of your quarterly grade.

    All assignments will be posted in class and it is your responsibility to make sure you have copied down all assignments in your planner. I will have an extra help day during lunch, and you are always free (and highly encouraged) to come to me with any questions you may have.

    Required Supplies:

    Math Notebooks You will need at least one multi-subject notebook for classwork and homework, and one separate single subject notebook for your study guide. (this one can be composition [preferred] or spiral)

        * A Pocket Folder  to store handouts and tests/quizzes

        * Loose Leaf Paper enough to stock your binder and replenish it throughout the year

        * Graph Paper (can be either in a notebook or loose.)


        * Pencil Sharpener (a small one to keep in your backpack so you can sharpen your pencil without disrupting class. Make sure it is one that has a cap to hold the shavings)

       * A mini-stapler or glue stick to attach handouts into your notebook

        * Box of Tissues or Roll of Paper Towels or Hand Sanitizer for class (optional but important)

        *A ream of white copy paper (also optional but very helpful)

        * Colored Pencils, colored paper, a ruler, and mini scissors are also good to have, but not mandatory.

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