Dr. Steven Broder

Phone: 718 335 7500


Degrees and Certifications:

BS in Psychology/Communications, an MBA in Industrial Communications, an MS in Elementary Education, an MS in Math and a PhD in Math.

Dr. Steven Broder



I am beginning my 11th year at LAMS. It has been a great experience for me as I have taught so many children of diverse backgrounds. This year I will teach math as I have for the past 4 years. However, I will also be teaching science. I hope to continue to enable my students to become independent mathmeticians as well as look at science in new ways.

Some interesting facts about me: I have 2 cats. I love to read and write. As an ELA teacher my classroom was once filled with thousands of books. If you ever need some help picking a book, I still love reading young adult literature.  I love to cook and travel. This summer I spent a month in Europe spending time in Venice then cruising to Croatia, Montenegro, Greece some ports in Italy and Southern France, ending in  10 day stay in Barcelona. It was a magnificent experience. My favorite foods are Italian and Japanese. I love Dark Chocolate but like it plain. I love to workout and try to keep my slimmer self. I better, I bought a lot of new clothes while in Europe this summer. I don't eat too many of my favorite foods anymore. You will probably see me eating salad a lot, but I do sneak in my chocolate when I can. Being healthy, feeling and looking good healthy are important. The Yankees are my favorite baseball team (sorry all you Mets fans) and I spent a lot of time at the stadium when I wasn't away.
I am all about being positive, making people smile and laugh and making sure my students work hard and try their best. I do expect my students to do their best. Please participate in class and ask questions all the time. Do you best is all I can expect. Let's have a great year.

I look forward to a successful year for all of us. Let's work hard and never be afraid to ask questions.drstevenyc1958@aol.com Your question is probably someone else's question.