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School Leadership Team

Louis Armstrong Middle School 

SLT Minutes 

October 14, 2021 

Meeting was called to order at 4 p.m. quorum was established   

Minutes of September was approved. 

Due to the upcoming holidays our next meeting has been move to November 4th.2021 at 4 p.m. 


Principal Report: 


Upcoming events  

Breast Cancer walk  

Respect For All with Social Emotion Development 

Poem contest  

Dress as your favorite character  

Ryan’s Story Internet Safety  

This week concludes Hispanic Heritage week  

Ms. Porella gave an update of the assessment tools that the school is using to assess our children  

Tik Tok Challenge may be over  

Our First Coffee with the Cabinets Zoom meeting was excellent we had forty-nine parents in attendance 

LAMS cash dollar will be used as a positive incentive to reward children for positive behavior  

Working to fix any breakfast or lunch issues that is current 

We will be looking at the school budget 

Revising the parent handbook and will be sending them out by next week  

 Parent Coordinator Ms Cataldo: 

Calendar will be posted on the school website  

Parent Conference is November 18th, 2021 

Letters will be going out to parents asking if they would like to opt out of our eye exam program. If the opt out letter is not returned children will be tested  

Teaching Parents and Children the importance of healthy choices will be done October 24th to the 30th  

CEP Goals: 

Using i-Ready data. Baseline was given and the data is being used to identify learning deficits, teachers and staff will be using this data to improve our children’s education loss, this is based on the individual child needs. School based option for Professional Development- children are being supported by focusing on power standards. 

At our next meeting we will look at goal setting, encouraging parent Partnership 

Budget Review: 

First half of the budget is salary base  

More periods added to 7th grade ELA  

This year schools have three vacancies for school Aids  

Health Aid was hired, librarian, art teacher, math teacher, and two social workers 

Principal asked for suggestion on how to use our school grant 

The school will research prices for school cameras if we cannot use funds to purchase camera then will go to RESO- A   

Principal is looking to hire an HHA minimum requirement Hight School diploma- hired person will work a minimum of five hours; also hours can be flexible; resume can be sent to the principal, currently school doesn’t have a social worker. 

Build New dance room, remodel orchestra room, looking to bring more art and dance programs. 

 Technology Update 

850 1 to 1 devices were ordered- we have only received 50 so far; school has received 500 device forms from students requesting devices; if parents previously had a device continue to use it 

 Waiting for intern from CUNY; hots spots are available   

Science Classroom update: 

Grant was approved; final layout was sent to SCA for approval science room updates modernize proposal was submitted; groundbreaking will be in spring. 

Six classrooms will be updated; renovation is big and will during school; vacant rooms will be available during the renovation phase  

Lams face mask will be available in our virtual shop and at the school  

PTA will help with Mr. Blum Green team 


SLT MEETING 20212022 

SEPTEMBER 23, 2021 

3:30 PM – 5:30 PM 




3:30 PM 


Call to Order and introduction of SLT  

Members present: 


Penelope Angelopoulos 

Jillian Coulton (Recording Secretary for 9/23/21) 

Patricia Santora  

Irene Filakouris 

Rose Marie Gulston 

La-Keysia Taylor  

Dina Lemkova 

Deanna Maietta 

Ann McIndoo 

Raul Mera 

Helen Ponella 

Kim Sanders 

Julie Waters 


Review Bylaws 

SLT Bylaws were revisited and a poll will be sent for voting on the time and day for future meetings. Options tabled are for the second or third Thursday of every month at either 7:30am, 3:15 pm, 3:30 pm or 4 pm. Each option has conflicts and will need to be rescheduled as needed.  


Penelope Angelopoulos volunteered to be Timekeeper 
Recording Secretary to be rotated each meeting 


Structure of meetings is as follows: 
1. Call To Order 
2. Reading and approval of minutes 
3. Old Business Items 
4. New Business Items 

  1. Principal Update
    6. Agenda for following meeting
  2. Adjourn

Members must attend all meetings. If member misses 2 consecutive meetings without extenuating circumstances they may be expelled. Remuneration sheets must be filled out each month.  


Principal Update 

Ms. Ponella reviewed her first day slides presentation with everyone on the team. She began celebrating the good news and a healthier starting budget. 22 Prometheans and 980 laptops have arrived for digital learning. A new scoreboard has been installed in the Gym. Air conditioning units and central air have been installed in all classrooms. New teachers have been hired across all grades and subject areas and a new dance program has been implemented in the 5th  and 6th Grade. LAMS House structure has been reinstated this year and solidified and strengthened with a dedicated core team for each house made up of an AP, a Dean, and a Guidance Counsellor. Ms. Ponella gave a Title 1 Update and reiterated that the new school year will be framed by nurturing the whole child with a focus on SEL (social emotional literacy). 


Instructional Focus 

Additional learning periods in Math and ELA – additional teachers have been hired.  

Dedicated SETSS Teacher 

Project SAVE Teacher 

Art Technology Program 
Dance Program 
Professional Assemblies for students 


Ms Ponella read her principal pledge to the team. 


Assessment metrics to be used:  
Getting to know your child 

Last state test scores (which she has but have been embargoed) 

i-Ready benchmarks 

NYS 2019 Standards Based Benchmark tests 


School Wide Initatives: 
Respect for All 

US History Regents for All 
Spanish Proficiency 

First Wednesday of every month Coffee with the Cabinet 


Covid Protocols and Health and Safety 

Expanded Outdoor Learning Space and amphitheater stadium style seating for outdoor lunch are on the to do list. Waiting on DOE guidance for outdoor recess but hoping for it. Contact sports will be prohibitedLockers have been deemed a safety hazard as social distancing can’t be maintained. Daily health screening to continue for entry and new guidance from CDC on testing and contact tracing will be followed. Staggered dismissal times and exits to maintain safe physical distancing.  

Grading policy has been communicated to parents from teachers. Code of conduct and cell phone policy has also been communicated 


TiK Tok Challenges (recently a bathroom one) and Discord messaging continue to be a problem. Pupil Path is up. Blue Cards have been sent home. Lunch clubs will be announced. iPad Airs can be distributed once applied for. 


No meet the teacher this year. Parent Conferences will be November 18. Early office hours available to meet with teachers in the morning 8-8:30 am 


Ms. Ponella ran through both the Chancellors Instructional Principles and the District 30 Expectations 


CEP Goals is a living document and will be distributed next week. Still collecting data and taking survey with students and checking on overall social emotional health. Overall impression right now, however, is that the students are excited to back iperson and overall seem happy.  


Any pressing items missed or to be added to the next agenda can be emailed to Ms. Sanders. 


Meeting adjourned at 5:30 pm