• What is a Class Parent?

    A Class Parent helps to build a strong LAMS community. 

    Class parents facilitate communication between parents and teachers. Class parents also act as the liaisons for the LAMS PTA. Expectations for each house and class may vary, but a Class Parents serve as a way for parents and students to be more connected, ask parents for donations for classroom parties and events, organize class volunteers, and other miscellaneous tasks the teacher might request. Ideally, each class has two to four parents that serve as Class Parents so responsibilities can be shared.

    Class Parents:

    • Create a class directory
    • Collect suggested donations from parents for classroom parties and events
    • Recruit and coordinate volunteers for classroom support, school events, and field trips
    • Send out reminders about PTA meetings, events, activities, field trips, etc.
    • Attend PTA meetings

    If you are interested in becoming a Class Parent please email us at lamsptateam@gmail.com.